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How to Apply

Follow the steps below for how to apply, submit documents and purchase your site for the 2020 Tourrific Prospect Street Party. 

Please note that in order for your application to be confirmed and your position secured, you will need to provide all the necessary forms and apply online by Sunday, 17 November 2019.


In order for the application process to be completed online, please ensure that you have all the required documents to be uploaded prior to your commencement. Payment will be requested in early - mid December and must be paid in full within 7 days of the invoice being issued. 

Step 1 – Have your documentation ready

When you apply, you will be asked to having the following ready to upload. It is essential that you follow the relevant instructions below to ensure your application process is smooth.
Please download the necessary documents using the links below and save them on your computer ready to upload during our application. This can be done by scanning them, or taking a photograph of them. You will need to have pictures of your stall too!
Compulsory documentation for ALL participating traders 
> 2020 Tourrific Prospect Trader Agreement - please read this document as you will be asked to agree to it during the application process. 
Compulsory documentation for ALL participating traders (food, retail and liquor)
> Public Liability Insurance - Certificate of Currency (minimum of $10 Million) from your Insurance Company - You will be required to upload this during the application process. 
Compulsory documentation for participating traders serving Alcohol

> Limited Liquor Licensing Application Form 

Compulsory documentation for participating traders selling food and beverages 

> EHA Fairs & Special Events Information Sheet  
> EHA Temporary Event Food Notification Form 


Other documents that may be applicable to you

> Power Requirements Form 

All items must be currently tagged and tested – this is offered for free at the Compulsory Stallholder Meeting on Monday 9 December 2019

> Compostable Packaging Form (Form will be uploaded shortly)

In order to complete and confirm your application, please ensure that that you have the following information (as well as above documents) ready as electronic copies ready to be uploaded. This will ensure that your completed application is sent to City of Prospect for approval. Please note you will not be able to submit your application without these, and you will not be able to save the application part was through. 

  • Images of your stall

  • Menu options and prices (to be uploaded as an image)

  • Images of your food/beverage offerings

  • If using truck or van, dimensions of vehicle

  • List all types of gas products you intend to bring

  • If you are a Prospect Road business trading late in front of your premise, please detail size of additional seating area in required in the 'other requirements' section

You will receive an confirmation email once you have applied.


Step 2 – Know your Stall Type & Hire Items

During the online application, you will be asked to choose your Type of Stall and select the additional Equipment Hire items you will be requiring. Please note that while every effort will be made to give traders their site preference, this may not always be possible. Below is a summary of the offering. Please see our Stall Types and Hire Items page for full details of what is included in each option. 
> Prospect Based Food and Beverage Business $385
> Non Prospect Based Business $860
> Market or Charity stall (3x3 marquee supplied) $155
> Charity or Service Club (site only) $10
> Liquor Licence $85
> Late Trading Notification $15 (for Prospect Road businesses only)
> Sponsor Site $0
Should you require a licence, additional street furniture or are a local business planning to trade late you will need to select the appropriate option/s on the application form. 


> Market Umbrella with weights $60 each

> Extra Trestle tables $20 each

> Extra Chairs $10 each

> Additional Power $30

> Additional Lights $20 each

Please select your product(s) carefully as you will be be charged for these items. 

Once you have made your application online you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

Step 3 – Checklist


For your application to be accepted refer to the below list to make sure you are able to supply what is needed, as you will not be able to save the application part way through.
  • Have all of your contact details, ABN and business details ready

  • Determine which type of trader / stall type you are 

  • Determine if any additional stall fees apply to you

  • Know what extra items you wish to hire

  • Have all relevant forms, documents and images are ready to be uploaded 

  • Have images of your stall ready to be uploaded 

  • You will be asked about power needs, gas use and waste requirements

  • Add your site requirements to your application

  • Have read our Important Information page that gives other details about the event including planning, liquor, food and drink, power, waste and will also have event plans closer to the event. 

  • Have read, understood and agree to the 2020 Tourrific Prospect Trader Agreement 


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