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Important Information

On this page you will find valuable information and supporting material to assist you every step of the way in planning your involvement with City of Prospect’s 2020 Tourrific Prospect Street Party. Prior to commencing the registration process, it is recommended that you thoroughly read through this section. Learn about key responsibilities and event licensing, important information that you need to be aware of and an outline of Council’s commitment to the environment.



When planning for 2020 Tourrific Prospect, please consider that:
  • There is likely to be between 15,000 to 20,000 people at Tourrific Prospect throughout the night and 6,000 to 8,000 at any one time


  • Set-up time, space and utilities are limited

  • Visitors are looking for convenient, reasonably priced food and beverage options that they can carry around easily

Compulsory application requirements:

  • If you require additional power, you must supply a completed Power Requirements Form

  • Applications will not be considered under any circumstances if they are not accompanied by a copy of your current Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (minimum value of ten million dollars – $10,000,000).

  • All traders must agree to the 2020 Tourrific Prospect Trader Agreement.

  • All traders must comply with the environmental requirements outlined in the Trader's Agreement. Orders for recyclable/compostable packaging are to be placed by Monday 23 December 2019 direct with the supplier.

In order for your application to be considered, you will need to provide all of the necessary paperwork via our online application process by the deadline date of Sunday, 17 November 2019.


Per the Liquor Licensing Act 1997, a Limited Liquor Licence is required if the service or supply of liquor is intended as part of an event.

The entire area that comprises the street party will be deemed a ‘licensed area’, with City of Prospect providing adequate security personnel and fencing in order to manage all entry/exit points and meet the Limited Liquor Licensing requirements.

All drinks must be served in shatter-proof cups that are fully compostable (refer to our Zero Waste policy) and wine must not be served for consumption by the bottle.

Beer and cider bottles are permitted to be carried by patrons but wine bottles are not.

Each individual trader wishing to supply alcohol at the event must complete the Limited Liquor Licence Application when registering, even if you have an existing Liquor Licence in place, so that you are included in the joint 2020 Tourrific Prospect submission to Consumer & Business Services. All participating traders will be provided with a copy of the Liquor Licence for display in their stall or on their premises on the night of the event.

A trader who has not submitted a Limited Liquor Licence application through City of Prospect cannot serve alcohol.

Food & Beverages

Food vendors must comply with all legislation and regulations regarding food safety standards, including the Food Act 2001.

EHA Environmental Health Officers will be on-site to check for:


  • Safe food preparation and serving, including hand washing

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Sanitation facilities to avoid cross-contamination

  • Probe thermometers to ensure food temperature is kept within healthy range

It is compulsory that fire fighting equipment be provided by the trader as appropriate for the type of cooking and heating appliances being used – an A.B.E Dry Powder Extinguisher for all food traders and a Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher must also be provided by traders using a deep fryer.

All traders wishing to sell food must read the Eastern Health Authority’s (EHA) Fairs & Special Events Information sheet and complete the Temporary Event Food Notification Form for Individual Food Outlets when registering.
For advice and further information, contact the Eastern Health Authority on 8132 3600 or at

Zero Waste


The City of Prospect is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, maximising resource recovery and increasing public awareness and understanding of waste management. As part of this commitment, the 2020 Tourrific Prospect Street Party will again be a ZERO WASTE event.

Packaging and other waste materials generated through participation in this event should be either recyclable or compostable, including all serving materials, serving plates, cutlery, cups and serviettes (for anything that is disposable). No polystyrene foam products are permitted and the use of plastic straws and plastic stirrers is prohibited.

Salute are the nominated supplier of the appropriate recyclable and compostable packaging. A copy of their product range and order form will be available when registering. Please submit your order to Salute no later than Monday 23 December, 2019.  If you have any queries, please contact Emma Massie on 08 8398 2872, or by email at


All balloons and plastic / silicone based merchandise are also prohibited. 



When registering, please provide all of your power requirements to ensure that adequate power is provided to your site.

All stalls will be set-up with a light, but no spotlights will be available or permitted to be used. Traders will need to bring their own extension leads and power boards, and all electrical equipment and/or leads must be tested and tagged.

There will be an opportunity for traders to get their electrical equipment tagged and tested for free at the Compulsory Traders meeting at the Prospect Council Chambers on Monday 9 December between 3:30pm and 5pm prior to the Stallholder Meeting.

There will be NO three phase power available (unless under special conditions approved by City of Prospect’s Events Management Team).

City of Prospect does not accept responsibility for inadequate power supply. Be aware that if you need to change or upgrade the power requirements after registration there may be additional fees imposed by the electrician.


If there is an over demand for power on the night of the event, preference will be given to those traders who provided timely and accurate information. There will be additional charges for excessive power requirements.

Event Plans Download


Updated 2020 Site location Map (to be uploaded in December)

2020 Tourrific Prospect Site Map 


Event Layout Map (to be uploaded in December)

2020 Tourrific Prospect Event Layout Map 


Temporary Road Closures (to be uploaded in December)

2020 Tourrific Prospect Temporary Road Closures

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